How to prepare herbal hair oils at home

Haircare is mandatory due to pollution, stress, changing lifestyle, etc., This page teaches you how to prepare herbal hair oils using simple ingredients. How to use the hair oil to prevent hair loss, dandruff, and change grey hair to black hair.

There is no assurance that when you use the hair oil you can see the immediate effect but constant usage for 4 to 5 months will get you maximum results. It took nearly 6 months for me to get the desired result for dandruff to get cured.

Here go the tips friends…

Best tips – how to prepare herbal hair oil at home
coconut oil with curry leaves, hibiscus, and guava leaves
Curry leaves +Hibiscus leaves +Guava leaves +coconut oil
Gooseberry + Kalonji black seeds +coconut oil
Moringa leaves + curry leaves + coconutoil
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Prepare hair oils at home
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