How to control diabetes using fenugreek seeds

Blood sugar or Diabetic is a modern life style disease and many people suffer from diabetes. How to control diabetic or blood sugar levels using home remedies? Take the advice from your health care professionals and follow their advice, take medicines properly. Simultaneously, you can do some home remedies which will control your blood sugar levels.

Even after taking medicines, your blood sugar may be high if you take some sweets during festivals, marriage season, or overstress. so these tips will come in handy to lower your blood sugar. A person suffering from diabetes must always follow the diet, walk regularly, exercise religiously. But which is not possible due to stress, overwork, etc., Its human tendency to get tempted to take sweets, overeat or miss our daily routines like exercises and walking.

Here comes the best tips or home remedies using fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek seeds +soaked water
Roasted Fenugreek seeds
sprouted fenugreek seeds

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