apana mudra -removes toxins

Apana Mudra: Removes toxins

Table of contents:

a. Who can do apana mudra?

b.  Benefits of apana mudra

c. How to do it?

d. Duration

Introduction to apana mudra

Apana mudra is beneficial to diabetic patients since it balances the space and earth elements within the body. It flushes out the toxins from our body, so it is also called purification mudra. This mudra can be practiced at any time. If you are pregnant, then consult your gynecologist, as it eases delivery. The only caution is pregnant women can do it after 8 months for a comfortable delivery. [Note: Consult your health care professional or gynecologists before doing this mudra.]. There is no age bar to restrict this mudra. If you are suffering from loose motion or vomiting, please avoid this mudra. Once recovered, you can do this mudra.

Good for digestion

Apana mudra relieves stomach pain as it aids in digestion. Gastric problems are cured. But this mudra should be practiced regularly, or at least for 21 days, for the best results. Even diabetic patients can do this mudra, as it eases digestion. The name Apana itself reveals that it is good for the stomach, as the Apana vayu is present in our belly. So when you have overeaten in marriage or at parties, you can perform this mudra.

Strengthens the stomach organ.

  • balance diabetic problems
  • removes the kidney stones
  • controls high blood pressure
  • purifies as this mudra removes toxins

How to do:
Sit in Padmasana or Vajrayana. Close your eyes. If you are unable to sit down, sit in a chair, couch, or other comfortable position. Take a breath and exhale. Observe your breath. Bend your middle and ring fingers slightly with the tip of your thumb. Keep the index finger and pinky finger straight. It should be done with both hands.

apana mudra -removes toxins
Apana mudra: -detoxifying mudra or purification mudra

It can be practiced for 45 minutes daily or split into 15 minutes–3 times a day. Also, you can do this mudra while walking. Even before sleeping, this mudra can be done.