Mudras – Stay healthy

Mudras help us to stay healthy and activate the energies. They are simple hand gestures with no side effects. By doing mudras you can cure body pains, knee pain, improve digestion, balance thyroid problems, cure throat pain, control body weight, and maintain a healthy life. I have mentioned the best and easy mudras.
Thumb finger represents –  fire

The index finger represents – Air

Middle Finger  represents-Space

Ring Finger represents- Earth

Pinky finger represents – water.

You can practice mudras either in the early morning or during the evening. There are no rules and mainly no side effects. Practicing mudra daily for 40 minutes or split into 3 sessions 15 minutes duration. While doing mudra the main aspect is observing the breath. If you focus your mind on breathing, the mind concentrates on what you are doing. Also, you can do the mudras by walking or waiting in the traffic. My best advice is to: please don’t do while watching Television.

  • Gyan Mudra [increase concentration, prevents Alzheimer disease]
  • Apana Mudra [Control diabetes]
  • Kubera Mudra – [For wealth and sucess]]
  • Surya Mudra – [For weight loss]
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Stay healthy
Mudras are hand gestures that help to stay healthy.