Healthy eating

Healthy eating involves a balanced diet. The carbohydrates, fat, and protein to be consumed in equal proportion. Vitamins, minerals, and protein play a vital role to keep us healthy. Invariably fiber is imperative for a healthy body. We must practice to take fried foods and white foods once in a while or take moderately. Similarly with sweets and ice cream too.

So healthy eating is quite challenging. First key point is to prepare any dish at home only. Due to COVID -19, all health professional advice to take freshly prepared home foods. Also, cooking differs from region to region or state to state itself. Kids prefer a variety of dishes than traditional dishes.

I have seen many persons avoid certain food and they give the reason that it is an allergy to them. My healing doctor suggested that do not avoid any food. Eat what your ancestors, grandparents, parents were eating. Since all the vegetables and fruits have important vitamins and minerals. So we must not avoid it. Everyone is fond of potatoes. But some may gain weight due to taking potatoes but instead of avoiding it. you can plan accordingly to have your favorite dish on potatoes. In the first week if you are taking potatoes have it with full satisfaction. skip for two weeks. The fourth week again you can take it. In this way, you are not avoiding as well as not ignoring the vitamins, minerals, and fats present in potatoes. Similarly, if you are not taking green chilies because it does not suit you. Take it at minimum. If you are taking for lunch do not take it for dinner. In this way, you can plan and have your food and enjoy it.
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Healthy eating
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