Housekeeping tips and tricks




Housekeeping is mandatory. It is mandatory to keep housekeeping up-to-date with tips and tricks. Cleaning is an art. It is imperative to dedicate our time to cleaning. Schedule the time and prioritize the room, desk or cupboards to be cleaned. collect necessary items which are required for cleaning.

How to prepare floor cleaning liquid at home
How to prepare floor cleaning liquid at home
Cleaning the plastic bottles
Cleaning tips and tricks

Uses of Coffee powder

Coffee powder helps to grow your plants. Coffee has nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium. But before using coffee powder to the plants add some water to make it light. sometimes, it ends up in negative results. Use the diluted coffee water for a day in a week. The nitrogen present in the coffee powder helps the plant to grow strongly. It is better to sprinkle used coffee powder than fresh ones. For plants like rose, thulasi grow well by using the diluted coffee powder solution. Some plants do not prefer to grow well in coffee powder since it may turn acidic to the soil. Based on the soil variety add coffee powder along with fertilizers. Seek help from a horticulturist, agriculture-based professionals for more details.

rose plant using diluted coffee powder

How to get rid of lizards :

Lizards are big headache and scary to all of us. I will provide easy tips to get rid of lizards

  1. Take some onion and garlic, grind them with a little water, and form a paste. Add some pepper powder to it. Add some water and make it a liquid. Filter it and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. And spray the liquid wherever you find the lizard. It will run away due to the smell.
  2. Take 3 or 4 drops of vinegar, add water, and sprinkle the liquid in the places where you spot the lizard.
  3. If you have some scented oils or liquids, pour them into a spray bottle and spray them near the lizard. It will run away.


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Housekeeping tips and tricks