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Hi Greetings! Welcome to my interesting blog. I love to read and play with words. Writing is a wonderful art. We can express our thoughts and imagination and coin the letters as words into sentences. Using online courses as a guide, I acquired SEO on my own and improved over time.

My blog, tipsgurus.com, provides the best and easiest tips. My mother, grandma, and aunt have used these tips. Some tips are from ladies’ journals, books, and magazines. I trust the tips are helpful in times of need.

Tipsgurus.com provides the best tips and makes them easy to follow. All the tips have been tested and experimented with. Read my blog for more information.

Friends, share your favorite tips with me. [email id: adminn@tipsgurus.com, along with your photo]. I will certainly share the tips if they are the best and easiest to implement. Also, mention the tips—how to do them, required materials, items, or ingredients—and whether they fall into a category, e.g., Health tips, cooking tips, or beauty tips.

The format for sending the tips will be given in the future.

Note: If the tips are useful, they will be tested from our side and posted on my blog.

hey, thank you guys for visiting my blog.

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