Table of contents
Meditation benefits and secrets
Duration to do
How to do meditation
Secrets to accomplish your goals from meditation

Meditation makes miracles. Yes, it is true. If you wish to reach your goals, achieve your aim or lead a healthy life “Meditation” is the only method to accomplish it.
It is not just closing your eyes and sitting quietly. Thoughts emerge like waves which are both positive or negative. We are addicted to social media due to the development of technology where sitting quietly with closed eyes is now a herculean task. Due to its impact, thoughts that are emerging are not based on our attitude but due to browsing. So it is mandatory to keep a check while browsing. Also, our mind always asks us to see the mobile rather than do any other work. I started to practice meditation for 15 minutes in the morning, evening and night before going to bed.
The meditative mind makes us calm, relieve stress, anxiety. While meditating observe the breathe. Then increase the timings gradually.
Just visualize your goals. Plan the strategy in a meditative pose. It can reach you to great heights.
1. Accomplish goals
2. Set the mind to get up early
3. Fine tune your mind and become master to your mind.
4. Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
5. Controls fatigue, hypertension.
While doing meditation you need a serene atmosphere or calm place. Initially, light a lamp or candle and you can just concentrate the focal point of the lamp if you are unable to concentrate. Later after practise you can start closing your eyes chant any mantra or affirmations. mantras can be simple like “OM” which brings peace to your mind. Otherwise just close your eyes and take a deep breathe and just observe the breathe.
The divine within you will take you to insights and you can visualize some images too. Please do not be specific. You need not worry even if you are not able to see any images.
Always set a specific time and practise it. Do it religiously and make it punctual to practise meditation. The continuous practise of meditation will guide you with intuition, plan the future and guide to take decisions accurately. Meditation makes you relieve stress and brings glow to your face and reduces wrinkles.
Also it controls unwanted desires, calms the nervous system and make you composed person. After starting meditation my anxiety level is reduced also my hypertension is controlled.