How to get Traffic for the blog



How to get traffic for your blog

How to get traffic for your blog? Mind blogging question right!!!
If you want to earn online it is quite simple. “Start a blog” is a piece of advice from your friend or any web post you come across.
If you get traffic from Google and your page viewers are high, your click per rate is good then you are the luckiest one in the world.
But How?
Getting a domain name, hosting the website and planning your niche and start writing the content. hey, wait… Before to start writing your content one important task is there.
It is finding the correct keyword based on your niche and then start writing the work. Here comes the utmost Hercules task. Buy some SEO books read 2 or 3 times and then start a blog.
From my experience, I am providing some tips on how to write a blog. If there is any mistake learned or experienced person can correct me in the comment section. Pour your ideas. It’s always welcome.
Well, my tips are
1. Always write in Present Tense.
2. Write as if you are conversing with your friend, cousin or relatives.
3. Write about real experiences.
4. If you are providing tips then it should be implemented by you then recommend it to others.
5. Beauty tips or health tips the product must be used by you. Then write about the pros and cons.
6. Do not hesitate to write about the negative points. so that clients or consumers will come to know about it.
7. Finding the correct keywords is a great task. I use Google Trends and Keyword Everywhere.
8. After writing a blog, Go to Canvas create a graphic related to your post. save as jpg or png format.
9. Create an account with Pinterest, Create a pin with the created graphic in canvas. Write the Description about your blog, and give the destination link that is URL address of the blog. Don’t forget to write the heading related to your blog post. I used to keep the blog heading as the heading in Pinterest too.
10. Post your blog topic in Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.,
11. Get friends from facebook related to your niche and post it.
12. Update the contents as often as possible.
13. Add images or videos related to the post. Add Youtube videos and make the Post interesting.
14. If possible create interaction with the users.