Skin care simple tips

Skin care -simple tips

Skin care is a must for people who live in tropical regions. In this article, I have listed some simple tips for skin care.


1. Take some oats powder and mix it with curd to get a paste. Apply over your face, neck and all over the body for glowing skin.
2. Soak some Rose Petals in cold water for few hours and wash your face with the water. Rosewater makes your skin glowing.
3. Take some besan powder and mix with curd and apply all over the face for glowing skin.
4. Take some Poppy seeds or kuskus, besan powder, mix with milk leave it for 2 or 3 hours. Then apply the paste all over your face for glowing skin.
5. To avoid itchiness due to hot sun or if you roam in the hot sun the next day take some olive oil or gingelly oil and mix turmeric. Make it as a paste and apply all over your body and then rinse it with Shikai and besan powder. Glowing skin is 100% guarantee.

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