Save trees- Grow trees

This is a small campaign word “Save trees- Grow trees” going to start in our locality to save our “Mother Earth”.Also going to spread the importance of growing trees and saving our Mother Earth to young children and youths.

Even when the children grow old, they concentrate on their career building, jobs or due to family situations making the homes “Empty nest” but, when the trees grow old they give us flowers and fruits and also make the Mother Earth cool place to live in. Currently, we depend on the Air conditioner to make our rooms cool since the metros are concrete jungles. Try to grow trees as far as possible and allow the future generation to live. Yes, If we ourselves cut all the trees where and how they will get food, furniture, and Paper.
If you are in living in the fourth or third floor with no option to grow trees at least, grow small plants in pots which will make your house COOL so that you need not depend on the Air conditioner.

If you live on the ground floor spend some money on buying seeds, saplings and grow trees.

At Chennai, popular a textile showroom -“Pothys” doing yeoman service by providing saplings to their customers. Every Year in the month of July, [auspicipus Tamil month aadi] they give free saplings to everyone who visits their showroom.
Savetrees GrowTrees




My aunty used to say grow trees when it grows it gives you fruits and shade. If you are lucky you can yield the fruits or your next generation will enjoy the fruits and shade.
Plant veggies in your balcony or near the outside window. you can get your veggies from your garden itself. So Plan accordingly. It will be an activity for the children and old people to water the plants. Start from small plants and plant big trees outside the gate or entrance.
Try to plant or get seeds and sow it on your special occasions like Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries and important festivals like Diwali, Christmas. Thus plants bring good memories and trees bring cool breeze and shades.

Also, astrologers say that if we plant or sow seeds in temples it takes away our sins. We have to plant a tree based on our stars and planets. Even planting a tree is considered a good deed according to Hindu Traditions.



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