• Before cleaning your Gas stove turn OFF the cylinder.
  • Then use a wet damp cloth and clean the gas stove daily.
  • Check the connection tube between the cylinder and gas stove. Change the tube every 6 months.
  • Don’t use Hit or Mortein near the gas stove when you are cooking, to get rid of cockroaches. Since these insect repellants are inflammable.
  • To clean the burners – Brush cleaners are available in the market. Use these brushes to avoid rust.
  • Avoid pouring the waters over the gas stove, So the rust can be formed easily.
  • Milk or any liquid items that are spilt clean it immediately.
  • Avoid using detergent powders or soap powders where rust can be formed easily.
  • Be careful while using cylinders. Be Alert and take care of your lives as well as your loved ones.

Also while using LPG Cylinders, We must be very alert to avoid unnecessary risks. Mainly LPG Cylinders are used by Ladies so they must be educated and given awareness  to them.

Recent happening in my Neighbour’s house.
A old lady and her daughter, her husband lives near my home. At about 8.30 p.m one lady came and told she is selling the LPG GAS connection tube from stove to cylinder. She had some ID CARD also with her. She came to kitchen and told the tube is worn out and changed the tube charged it for Rs.2500/-. The next day old lady who is the owner called LPG service office and enquired about the lady. They told they have not send anyone and she is fraud. They also told they will be sending messages or mail and only after acknowledgement they will send their persons. So don’t allow anyone without proper id and ask their phone number and then allow them to enter in your house.


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