Philosophy and computers

God(an entity) is a concept we don’t create it but we exist thru it.

so let us get into Ram’s(My) philosophy(just for fun) to understand better. As a software engineer, I feel this world is the like computer.

Let’s examine a little bit more about the computer which we can relate to philosophy. when a computer powered up, the operating system (call it Linux) gets loaded.

The first OS process ( this is equivalent to Hari the supreme soul) which starts and spawn many processes (Lakshmi and other gods) to manage the computer.

These process(Lakshmi and other gods) has many threads (like Raghavendra Swamy….) After this lot of application process(souls from…human being) will start,

If your pc has the virus(bad souls) they will also start. The fight goes between bad process(virus); good process(devathas) finally the god called superuser takes the form of anti-virus. (ten or more avatar) to eliminate the virus.

Then we have the manual’s(user guide, release notes….) for the pc they are called Vedas and Upanishad.

Let us take the Oracle database as an application process here, it’s job is to store and retrieve the data. Similarly, the human (soul’s) has to be in samsara then attain moksha by doing good karma.

Within Oracle, there are a lot of threads which has to do certain work and terminate. so there are a lot of souls(ant…human being) will come and go.

As a process/thread in the application, it will never be able to see the superuser(the god) but can only receive messages. Similarly, we can’t see the god but we receive messages through some other means(by getting the answer to prayer’s). So now question who is the real Hari, the superuser(the God) running inside the computer or the person who started the computer or the person who created the computer or the person who improved it or the person who wrote the application (Oracle). we will never know because we just process/thread running within an application, like this there are 1000’s of apps running inside. Computer, mobiles and other computer-guided instruments. Whenever a system is rebooted for maintenance we called that as pralaya kaala the logical time we use is similar to the CPU clocks.

Arjuna was the real hero in the Mahabharata war, similarly when a process designed to do a great thing will do it when it gets its CPU cycle.

so we see some people do rare things in life and then disappear. Once the CPU cycle is lost they can’t do anything. If you don’t understand anything that I wrote then just stay with the first line.

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