Personality Development

Present Education system concentrates more on Academics than on Personality development which leads to stress. Because of stress, they lack confidence and Posivitve thinking.But, positive thinking  is the key factor in Personality development. Confidence and Will power are two eyes for everyone.

Best way to develop Confidence:

1.  Trust In Yourself. 2.  Learn to face the Challenges. 3.  Be bold to tackle any situations. 4.  Don’t anticipate. 5.  Don’t live in the past. and anticipate for future. 6. Live in Present. Be focused and Alert. 7. Realise the failure and don’t worry what others think about it. 8. Being wrong will not kill you. 9. Avoid Negative thoughts. 10. Think Positive. In front of mirror, say Positive Affirmations 5 times daily.


Energy flows where Attention Goes. Everything in our universe is “Energy”. We human beings  are also Energy. We must learn how Energy flows and how it affects our lives. Example:  When you say ” I don’t want war”- you give your attention to war so Energy flow there. Instead say ” I want Peace” – Law of Attraction match your Energy and bring dimension in reality. You are giving your attention to peace and energy flows over there to bring Peace in your life. Similarly say like this” I want to win”, “I want to be slim”,  “I want to have a happy and exciting job”. So on… Our thoughts are so powerful and Energy is transmitted through our thoughts. Changing your thought patterns will help to channelise the Energy and life will change accordingly. This will create a Future with abundance of Happiness, Joy, Peace and Prosperity..