Mosquitoes – go away go away


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Mosquitoes go away – best healthy tips.

Rainy season help the mosquitoes to breed in large numbers mainly due to stagnant waters and humidity in the air. We have to be very careful to avoid mosquito bites. If not people suffer from Malaria, Dengue fever etc.,

1. Take a big size camphor and place it in a bowl of the container. Keep it nearby where you are sitting and sprinkle the water around you. Also, make a camphor powder and make a paste. Apply over your body.
So, you can get escaped from mosquitoes.

2. Mosquitoes are allergic to smells. So use Eucalyptus oils, citronella, mint, lemon balm, lavender, Repell are the oils which keep away the mosquitoes.

3. Use Mosquito trap which attracts more carbon dioxide. Take an open bottle to add water 200 gms of brown sugar and yeast. cover the bottle with a black cloth. Yeast and brown sugar release more carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes.

4. Using Mosquito nets are nowadays a good method but we can use it only during sleep.
5. A lot of Dhoops, incense sticks and herbal oils are available in the market to get rid of mosquitoes.
6. Mosquito nets to doors and windows are available in the market. Many agencies come and attach the nets to doors and windows.
7. This is a traditional method: Cow dunks have to be dried and used as dhoop. This method is one of the best healthy tips instead of using chemical liquids to get rid of Mosquitoes. But the traditional method is time-consuming which is not possible.
8. Take a lemon cut into two halves. take cloves and insert into the lemon. The smell of lemon and cloves keep the mosquitoes away.
Always take precautionary steps to get rid of mosquito bites.


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