Miracles in doing Meditation

Table of contents

A. Miracle in Meditation

B. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical well-being

C. How to practice it.

D. Time and duration

Miracles in Meditation

Meditation makes miracles in your life. Though it is incredible it is true and proven scientifically. We all think that practicing meditation helps to improve either spiritual well-being or mental well-being. But it covers all the aspects of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical well-being.

Spiritual Well-Being:

When you start doing meditation do not think that you will get enlightenment within a single day or after 10 days. You can observe the changes gradually. Ignore the thoughts that come to you whether they may be positive or negative thoughts or past incidents, sad or happy moments. Keep your eyes closed and a smile on your face. Spine to be straight. Gradually you will notice the changes in the below-mentioned aspects:

a. self-connected with your inner potential

b. abundant energy

c. connected to supernatural power

d. develops intuition.

e. awareness within the self.

f. knowledge about the almighty

g. orderliness in spiritual life.

Physical well-being:

Physical well-being is very important to accomplish our daily activities. We have to age gracefully. Every individual wishes to live healthily. But the present fast-changing lives, technology, the present pandemic situation makes us sick and unhealthy. The food habits, timings, and quality of food are a big challenge to keep us healthy. The vegetables, fruits, grains, everything are adultered and fertilized with heavy toxic chemicals which leads to chronic diseases. Meditation helps to heal our body from the toxins we take as food, the air we breathe.

a. Reduce wrinkles

b. Provide shining and glows to the face.

c. Robust health,

d. Reduce inflammation

e. Reduce Hypertension

f. Reduce Memory loss

g. anti-aging and keeps us young

Mental Well-being:

Our mind is polluted with unnecessary thoughts, unwanted news from the media which makes our mind stressed. A small incident that happened in our family, friends’ circle makes us tense and gives us worry. Meditation does the miracle to overcome these tensions and stress.

a. Elevates the mood

b. Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia

c. calm the stressed mind

d. Develops a cool and sound mind

e. develops discipline in our activities

f. enhance dedication and focus on the work we perform.

g. Happy hormones are developed to make us happy.

Emotional well-being:

Emotional well-being plays a major role in assessing our personality, attitude, and character. We must balance our emotions in a gathering, commonplace. We must be able to be diplomatic and composed in front of others. If we express our tension and stress to others then we would be the talk of the town. Meditation helps to balance our emotional well being though there would be lots of frustration and disappointment within us. In many corporate offices, Multinational companies train their employees in the soft skill fields. Many soft skill educators provide training to school students also.

a. develops kindness to others

b. increased positivity

c. promotes self-love

d. Avoid criticism of others.

e. feel good mind.

f. reduce irritability

g. controls anger

How to practice meditation.

Initially start with 10 minutes then increase it gradually. Do it religiously. The best time is early morning and you can continue in the mid-afternoon instead of taking small naps and in the evening if time permits you. Before going to bed to relax your mind and get away from the stress it is mandatory at night time also.

A. Close your eyes

B. Keep a smile on your face.

C. Sit straight with spine erect.

D.Keep your palms in dhyana mudra facing the ceiling.

E. Set a timer or play music.

F. Fixed timings morning 6 means daily 6 a.m.

G. Sit in padmasana or vajrasana or sit in a chair with folded legs.

H. If you suffer from knee pain then keep the legs down.


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