Live healthy in this Pandemic Covid-19

It’s a long time where I peeped in. I am updating myself in content writing. India is not undergoing a tough situation but the media exaggerates is what I felt. Living healthy in this Pandemic situation is quite challenging. Yes, mask and social distancing play a major role.
Since no walking or outdoor activities which keep us fit is taboo now. Yoga, exercises should be mandatory now. If your body is not flexible, not used to do yoga or exercises, or above 60, or has undergone major surgery what helps this kind of people.
Some of the tips which you will find helpful in this situation.
1) Take frequent walks for 10 minutes in the hall or bedroom. If corridor or balcony is available then well and good. Even while talking over the phone please do not sit. you can walk while talking.
2) Don’t take heavy foods which are not digestible easily. Take minimum quantity and do not overeat.
3) As far as possible avoid sweets, fried items.
4) Take a lot of water. Be hydrated.
5) Take vegetable soups, vegetable salads dressed in a lot of coriander leaves, lemon juice, or chopped mint.
6) Sprouts, steamed food are good for health.
7) Avoid juices since it has sugar which is not advisable for diabetics.
8) Have your dinner early before 7.30 p.m. and not late at night. It’s very difficult to get digested.
9) Add a lot of ginger, mint, curry leaves, jeera, fennel, ajwain which helps digestion.
10) Do not prepare all the immunity powder prepared and shown on social media. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper will make the body produce a lot of heat. Since India is a tropical country and now summer in all parts of India. It’s better to have it 2 or 3 days a week.
11) Go to bed early. Do not watch unnecessary news, post in the media. Even watching television is not a positive way to lead a life.
12) Do not use much sanitizer too. After using sanitizer do not cook or eat. So keep your hands clean.
13) You can prepare your own homemade solution to wash your hands. Take some neem leaves and turmeric boil in the water nicely. Filter and pour the solution into the bottle.
14) Do not roam outside. Do not venture. Only for buying essential items, you can go out.
15) Last but not least always pray for your family, friends relatives, and for the entire world.


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