Invest wisely for future

Invest wisely for Future-Gold Bonds

Invest wisely in Gold Bonds.
Purchase Gold bonds an alternative to buy the Gold.

Jaitley, the present Finance Minister of India introduced Gold deposit accounts and launch Gold bonds – a new scheme in the financial year 2015 budget. Mostly Gold is neither traded nor monetized. This scheme helps to recycle of Gold held in households and in temple trusts for years.

In this new scheme, Gold depositors will earn interest on their gold account, while jewellers can obtain loans on it. Banks and other dealers able to monetize the Gold. Gold bond act as an alternative to purchasing the metal and also carries a fixed rate of interest. Bond Holders can able to redeem them in cash on the face value of Gold.

This scheme would be a success and balanced one but might take time – an opinion from the popular gold refiner, a managing director Rajesh Khosla.

Due to the increase in theft, non-availability of bank lockers, this scheme might be helpful for the middle-income people. This scheme is also useful for young girls because they can purchase jewelry in the latest design according to their choice. It serves to be a wise investment for hard-working young professionals. This investment would be wise in the future. Everyone must be aware of this scheme and should be implemented in proper channels.

Indian bank has this scheme but people were not being aware of this scheme. This scheme is redefined and should  be a boon.