How to cook Brown Rice?



How to cook Brown Rice without cooker

Brown rice, White rice, Matta rice, Black rice, and parboiled rice are some varieties available in the market. Brown rice is the best healthy rice which has many nutrient contents. Here we go

#1. Brown rice takes a lot of time to cook. It was a quite challenging task for me until I found a very easy and quick method. The problem is when I take the ratio of 1: 3 the rice when cooked not so soft and when added 1: 4 water, the grain is soft but, I have to drain the water separately.

#2. I found out a way cooking Brown rice without a Pressure cooker. Yes! It’s a very easy method and quick too. Soak Brown Rice in cold water for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it 3 times and put the soaked rice in a Pan with 1:3 ratio water. After a few seconds, stir it to close the pan with a lid.

#3. When the Brown rice is half cooked add 2 more cups of water. Let it boil nicely. The extra water oozes out at that time keeps the stove simmer. when the Brown rice is soft switch off the stove.

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[ This method is the traditional and simple way to cook Brown rice.

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