How to cook Brown Rice

How to cook Brown Rice

#1. Brown rice takes a lot of time to cook. It was a quite challenging task for me until I found a very easy and quick method. The problem is when I take the ratio of 1: 3 the rice when cooked not so soft and when added 1: 4 water, the grain is soft but, I have to drain the water separately.

#2. I found out a way cooking Brown rice without a Pressure cooker. Yes! It’s a very easy method and quick too. Soak Brown Rice in cold water for 15 to 20 minutes. Then Wash it 3 times and put the soaked rice in a Pan with 1:3 ratio water. After a few seconds, stir it to close the pan with a lid.

#3. When the Brown rice is half cooked add 2 more cups of water. Let it boil nicely. The extra water oozes out at that time keep the stove simmer. when the Brown rice is soft switch off the stove.

[ This method is the traditional and simple way to cook Brown rice.

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