Healthy life

A healthy life is imperative to all.
My grandma was healthy until her 93 age. Amazing is it? Yes, She lived a disciplined and systematic life. She has no weekends so No late nights. Daily she followed a routine. Morning at 5.00 a.m she started her day and her day will close by 8.30 p.m. in night. She had a sattvic (yogic diet) food no onion and no garlic. There are no pipes at home when she lived. She will bring water from 1/2 km too. She used to fast Ekadashi every 15 days without water. She had got good willpower and determination.

As adults, we have to learn from her. She was a pious and bold lady. I got inspired by her. Though she has not gone to school she learned alphabets both English and Tamil from my grandpa.