Greet your Guest

Greet your Guest…

Athithi Devo Bavah
India is rich in its culture and tradition. Indians value Relationships, rituals, and ceremonies. one among them is Greeting the guest. In olden days Guests are treated like Gods and the host will honor the guest and when they take leave compliment them with gifts.

Nowadays we have to call our friends or relatives inform them that we are coming to their house and then only should go to their house. There are no surprise visits or surprise guests nowadays.

The reason being the families are becoming nuclear and each one has their own work and we cannot interrupt them without calling. Also Telephone, Mobile are available these days and we can communicate them over the phone or emails.

When I was young when I come from school surprise guests like aunty or uncles visit our houses on their way and we get surprising gifts from them. Of course, they were eatables only which we enjoyed a lot but now guests are rare and that too the host must be kept informed about their arrival so no surprise guest or surprise gifts.

once I went to my friend’s house she is blessed with two children. One is studying Engineering 3rd year and high school.
I was amazed to see both of them helping their mom in household chores. The girl greeted me with the warm smile and switched on the fan and told it is so sultry always in Chennai. please wait for aunty mom is speaking over the phone she will come.
2 seconds later, the guy who is doing engineering came with buttermilk and rose milk and told me to take whatever I prefer.
I was stunned.
Then my friend came asking sorry for not greeting me immediately. Then we were talking for a while and I cannot praise those responsible children and praised them a lot for being so responsible and I told her I have seen many teenagers nowadays just dumping their head either in laptop or mobile for playing games and don’t even know what’s happening around them.

My friend told yes she had a bitter incident and narrated the incident which happened to her.
once she had gone to neighbour house who was very friendly and they lived like close sisters. once they purchased a new house they have shifted to the new house. Thinking of the neighbour she had gone to their house. But her sister like a friend was not at home and her teenage children who were kids while they were neighbours at that time now teenagers didn’t even call her inside and acted as if she was a stranger. Little later her sister-friend has come both her children were playing games on the mobile which irritated her a lot.
she decided to teach good manners first and bother about marks and education later.
so anyone comes to her house its the prime duty of her daughter to greet the guest and provide some juice or snacks to the guest by her son. They are following it and earning a very good name and fame.