Cooking tips

Cooking Tips
Read this article for simple Cooking tips.
Cooking is a passion for many housewives and ladies. cooking with taste makes the food item delicious. My Mom and grandmom are great at preparing yummy items. so here are the tips from them…

1. You know to prepare lemon rice, coconut rice tamarind rice, tomato rice but to make it delicious add some ghee while tempering
2. While preparing moor kolambu to add some bajji chillies with green chillies. It will add taste to your cooking.
3. When you prepare vada first soak the toor dhal and channa dhal in water and drain the water. After 15 minutes grind it with chillies, ginger and jeera. wow… you get crispy vadas.
4. For making payasam boil semiya or aval in milk and then add sugar as required to enhance the taste.
5. Last but not least, try to prepare healthy items and freshly prepared food which will avoid knee pain, arthritis.

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