Living with Confidence

confidence is an attitude. We cannot live without drinking water similarly, we have to live with confidence to live. We must have confidence 24/7 and face this world with all challenges.

I went shopping with one of my friends, just then I was attracted by glittering pieces of jewelry and decorative stone bangles and chains. Wow….! It is so attractive and asked my friend too to do window shopping. She agreed happily.
When we went near the shop there was a small shop with various kinds of beads embedded in bangles and chains. Just I was astonished by the “Confidence” level of the petty shop owner. Near the big shop with various decorative lights and air-conditioned showroom, the petty shop owner is having his small shop in a wooden tray. The wooden tray is placed over a small table. And to my surprise, everyone who enters the big shop sees the small shop and some people are buying from the small shop.
I just want to appreciate his confidence level. After observing this small shop had gathered a few points and building my confidence level.
I learned a lesson today, no matter what products you try to sell only confidence is important.
Confidence is an attitude to be installed in our minds and tunes our minds always to be strong. Confidence provides to face any challenges and handle any situation. To develop confidence, some tips are given which I used to follow
#a) Do not compare others with your life

#b) Have faith in God who is protecting you always.

#c) Help others as far as possible

#d) Spend more time with nature.

#e) Spend time with kids and Elders

#f) Smile

#g) Do not live in the Past.

#h) Cultivate hobbies like Painting, Swimming, Craft, etc.,