How to clean your silver necklace

Your silver articles lose its shining in due course and you can make them shine in 3 easy ways. Due to

  1. Take a surf powder, cleaning powder and add sour curd and make a thick paste. Apply over the silver articles to be polished and leave it for an hour. Then scrub the articles nicely and wash with clean water. Viola !!! your silver items will shine like new items.
  2. Take a little bit of toothpaste {any brand} apply over the silver items and scrub nicely apply pressure as much as possible to shine. Yes, you got it!!! Silver items shine and glow like new metal. [Dont use much of toothpaste since it has a lot of chemicals which is not good for silver items.]
  3. Take a handful of SOAPNUT and soak in hot water. After some time soak the silver items to be cleaned. Scrub the silver items nicely till you get lather or foam and wash the silver articles in clean water. Amazing!!! Your silver items are super polished.
  4. Take a lemon cut into half and add cleaning powder and scrub the silver articles. Silver articles will glow and shine.
  5. Take small ball size tamarind (old tamarind is the best) add cleaning powder and scrub the silver articles. Sliver articles will glow and shine.


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