Table of contents

  1. Concentration
  2. Confident
  3. Cool

A. what are the 3 c’s

It is mandatory to follow the 3 C’s in your life. Then your life will be stress-free.


Its concentration. Always, your faculty or guide would be instructing “concentrate”.It is not only when we are in the classroom but also everywhere. Whatever work we do, we must concentrate on that work alone. Never wander your thoughts or vision somewhere. Then the fault is on us. Any work with full concentration brings satisfaction and success. It will only bring us pleasure if we concentrate and dedicate ourselves to it. This is something you could have experienced in your life. One friend of mine, who has the duty to take care of her old and ailing mother-in-law, was always in a state of stress. I advised her to concentrate on her work, which helped her come out of the stress.