10 tips for a healthy lifestyle



10 tips to a healthy lifestyle

I was postponing to write this blog, not because of procrastination but due to the news which I heard. One of my friends got a block in the heart admitted to the hospital. He was in the early ’50s. But the stress in life makes unhealthy.
My peer challenged me to “change to a healthy lifestyle” on facebook.
So, People are having awareness but where we fail is a big question. I was just contemplating about a healthy lifestyle. where do we go wrong?
We know that we have to
#1. Drink 2 liters of water per day.

#2. Daily go for a walk.

#3. Do yoga

#4. Hit the Gym.

#5. Limit fried foods, sugar, and avoid caffeinated drinks.

#6. Do not smoke. “No” to Alcohol.

#7. Don’t stress. Take life as “Take it easy policy”

#8. Do Meditation, Pranayama, etc.,

#9. Go to bed early.

#10. spend time with your family and friends.

Can we follow all these things regularly? No, we do skip or postpone and then suffer.
To follow a healthy lifestyle prepare a journal and follow the schedule. Sometimes it is difficult to follow or skip but never avoid it. Take 1 tip as a 1-month challenge or 3 weeks challenge and start your day.

wish you a “Happy healthy lifestyle”.

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    thankyou Guqinz.

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